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Written on August 10, 2008 at 2:39 am, by Tunnelrush

It started years ago, back in middle school. Techno, House, Deep-House were starting to make it’s appearances, and this new stuff called ‘Happy Hardcore’ caught my attention. I have my buddy Aaron to thank for this. He exposed me to the music and I became instantly hooked on the fast-paced, positive energy of the music.

Fast forward to now; the chipmunk, crazy piano, super-fast nature of Happy Hardcore has now evolved into some of the most club-friendly tunes you’ve never heard.  Need some music to listen to while your taking a cruise? Need something for the ipod for your workout? This might be the sorta energetic stuff you’ll like. I wouldn’t have produced a website for downloading my mixes if I wasn’t confident that (if you’re into Electronic Dance Music) you’d enjoy this music. Countless people enjoy this music and I owe all of them a BIG BIG THANK YOU especially the friends that let their friends copy/burn it.  

I use 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000’s , Mackie D.2 Mixer, and record away.  If i ever messed up the live-mix, (happens a few times) I’d squash the project and start all over.   For the first mix  I threw in something different at the end.   Kinda became habitual.   Stay tuned for it.   Everyone’s favorite ending seems to be mix 2.    verrrrry old school.  8)

Enjoy the Core and Aaron, hatechur face  :tst:  

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